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January: What’s Not Normal About Normal Tension Glaucoma (TPG)

Angela Shahbazian, OD, FAAO
Meredith Whiteside, OD, FAAO



February: Importance of Infant Eye Care (OTHER)  

Silvia Han, OD &  Reena Patel, OD


March:  Catch Them if You Can: A Review of Choroidal Metastases (OTHER)

Tara Pahlevan, OD


April: Turning the Page on Dry Eye (TPA)

Justin Kwan,OD  


May: Clinical Findings and Management of Adenoviral Keratoconjunctivitis with Conjunctival Membrane and Subepithelial Infiltrates (TPA)

Catherine Huang, OD 


June: Coming soon!




July: Coming soon!



August: Coming soon!



September: Coming soon!


October: Coming soon!



November: Coming Soon!


December: Low Vision Devices and Technology Updates (OTHER) by Rachelle Lin, OD, MS, FAAO    
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