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Who is COA?
COA represents more than 2,500 optometrists in the state, plus more than 1,000 students of optometry. The association is governed by its members — doctors of optometry like you — who are elected to leadership on the board of trustees, and who are appointed to statewide committees. Local society members convene annually at the COA House of Delegates meeting to represent their society membership and to conduct association business.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the California Optometric Association is to support and advance the profession of optometry to assure quality health care for all Californians.

Vision Statement:
The vision of the California Optometric Association is that all Californians utilize a doctor of optometry as their primary eye care provider, collaborating in their overall health care.

Values Statement:
The California Optometric Association is committed to promoting the following core values which define, guide and inform our professional association:




About COA: updated 06/13/2019
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