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OD Resource Guide

The California Optometric Association (COA) has prepared this Guide for the exclusive use of its members. It is intended to aid new practitioners entering the practice of optometry and existing doctors of optometry who wish to change practice focus based on current information.

The practice of optometry continues to evolve. With that in mind, this website version of the Guide will be updated as developments unfold. Members are encouraged to visit the Guide often for these updates.

The information in this Guide was obtained from sources considered reliable. However, COA, nor its officers, trustees, members and employees are responsible for any inaccuracies. Nothing in the Guide shall be construed in any manner whatsoever as constituting or recommending any industry or professional standard or practice, nor shall it constitute the practice of law, accounting or any other profession. Doctors are encouraged to directly contact the various entities and organizations referenced in the various portions of the publication.

Optometrist Resource Guide


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