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Date   Title  
February 2019   Glioblastoma Multiforme, Primary Brain Tumor in a Young Adult  (OTHER)   Christina S. Wilmer, OD, FAAO 
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January 2019


Herpes Simplex Epithelial Keratitis and Proposed Treatments (TPA)


Andrea De Souza,OD  


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December  2018

  Diabetic Macular Edema- Review and Update on Current Therapies (TPA)  

 Lee Vien,OD & David Yang,OD  


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November  2018


Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency  (OTHER) 


Debora Lee Chen, OD, FAAO


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October  2018

  The Case of the Suddenly Monocular  (OTHER) 

Gary Asano ,OD, FAAO


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September 2018


  Clinical Findings and Management of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment (TPA)  

Jennifer Hsieh, OD



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August  2018


  Contact Lens Fitting for Keratoconic Patient with Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments (Intacs) (OTHER)

Jennifer Hsieh , OD



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 July 2018


  A Systematic Approach in Diagnosing Non-glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy (TPA)  

Kevin Cornwell, OD



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June 2018


Geriatric Eye Care (TPA)


Kierstyn Naper-Dovorany, OD, FAAO


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May 2018


  Oculocutaneous Albinism (OTHER)


 Jasmine Junge, OD


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April  2018


The Issue of Contact Lens Related Corneal Neovascularization (OTHER)


Barry Weissman, OD, PhD, FAAO


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March 2018


Wow, That’s a Lot of Blood…Diagnosing and Managing Retinal Occlusions (TPA)


Erin Swift, OD


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February 2018



Common Ocular Disorders in the Pediatric Population (TPA)


David  Sendrowski, OD, FAAO & Robert  Lingua, MD


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 January 2018



Hyperacute Conjunctivitis: Treatment and Management Considerations in Adults (TPA)


Anne Mika Moy, OD, FAAO


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December 2017



 Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction (TPA)


    Teresa Nguyen, OD & Meredith Whiteside, OD, FAAO   

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November 2017



New Classification System for Diagnosing Sjögren’s Syndrome (OTHER


Margie R. Recalde, OD, FAAO


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October 2017


  Keratoconus: Transforming a Clinical Obstacle into a Practice Opportunity (OTHER)  

Brian Chou, OD, FAAO 



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September 2017


  Utilizing Habit Reversal Training to Aid in the Treatment of Mucus Fishing Syndrome (TPA)  

Mika Moy, OD, FAAO



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August 2017


  Congenital Optic Disc Pit Clinical Presentation and Management (TPA) 

Cheryl Conovaloff, OD



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July 2017


Viral Eye Disease and Steroid Use: Friend or Foe? (TPA)


David Sendrowski, OD, FAAO


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June 2017


Not Again! Not Another AION? (TPA)

  Emily Mak, OD & Deana Lum, OD, FAAO

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May 2017



Clinical Findings and Management of Adenoviral Keratoconjunctivitis with Conjunctival Membrane and Subepithelial Infiltrates (TPA)


Catherine Huang, OD 



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April  2017   Turning the Page on Dry Eye (TPA)   Justin Kwan,OD     Click Here
March 2017    Catch Them if You Can: A Review of Choroidal Metastases (OTHER)   Tara Pahlevan, OD   Click Here

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