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Want to place a classified on our website? Please read below and then Contact our staff by clicking the link to send an email. NOTE: This email address is monitored for other purposes other than classified ads. Please indicate your intentions in the email when contacting us. Thank you.

Ads are free for COA members. Non member classified ads are $25.00 per 30 words (or any fraction thereof); COA staff will determine the cost of an ad exceeding 30 words on a prorated basis.


The ads are listed on our website for two months and will be put up online upon receipt of payment and contract.


Classified Ad Procedure:

To get started, you need to submit the below information to COA staff.

To post the ad, we will need the following:

  • Member status (if you are a COA member or not) and license number
  • Category of advertisement (equipment and services for sale, finance, help wanted, position wanted, practice for sale)
  • Title of ad (no more than 50 characters (with spaces))
  • Body of ad (no website links or photos are permitted)
  • Contact first/last name
  • Contact method (email, phone number, etcetera)

Non-Member's: Once we have determined the cost of the advertisement, we will send you a screen shot of how it will appear on the website, and the contract to be returned before the ad is placed on the COA website. Nonmember ads will not be posted until contract and payment are received.

Thank you for advertising with COA!

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Equipment for Sale as Lease Terminates     Posted Thursday, August 29, 2019

My lease and 34 year old practice in San Jose will no longer exist as of October 31 2019.  I need to sell my equipment and would like it out of my office in the first week of October. If you need to open up another lane or update some old equipment please take a look. This is a partial list of what I have, if you would like to see pictures, ask questions or see it in person, please contact me on my cell phone:  408.472.5495. 

Nidek Epic refracting system including auto refractor/keratometer and auto lensometer.  Ziess visulens 500 auto lensometer, Gerber/Cobern edger and tracer, Optovue I-fusion OCT and retinal camera, Oculus Easyfield C perimeter, 2 Optik slit lamps with GAT's, chair and stand with Reichert phoropter and keratometer. I have some unique beautiful custom frame displays.  Small instruments include a Heine EN 50 unplugged BIO, I-pac pachymeter, I-care tonometer, retinascopes and direct ophthalmoscopes, Volk lenses...yada, yada, yada.


Scott Feldman, OD Phone: 408.472.5495

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