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All Class Handouts

2018 Monterey Symposium course handouts. 


101 - Systemic Disease Straight Up with a Twist of Neuro (TPA)
102 - In-Office Urgencies and Emergencies; Are You Ready? (TPA) 
103 - AMD Update (TPA)
104 - IOP in Perspective (TPG)
105 - Innovations in Retina Impressions from a Blue Collar Lunch Pail Optometrist (TPA) 
106 - Dry Eye Disease – Diagnosis and Treatment Pearls from the Trenches (TPA)
107 - Optic Neuropathies: House Calls for Sick Discs (TPA)
200 - 10 Steps To A Better Neuro Exam (TPA) 
201 - Clinical Decisions in Retina (TPA)
202 - Nutritional Supplementation for Ocular Conditions (OTHER) 
203 - Streamline a Dry Eye Protocol into your Practice (TPA) 
204 - Scleral Lenses from Start to Finish (OTHER) 
205 - Stem Cell Technology in Glaucoma (TPG)
206 - Blood flow in Glaucoma (TPG) 
207 - Strategies for Anterior Segment Disease Management (TPA)
208 - Simplifying Systemic Antibiotics (TPA) 
300 - Anterior Segment Disease and the Systemic Link (TPA)
301 - Ocular Manifestations in Diabetes (TPA)
302 - Demodex Blepharitis Diagnosis and Management (TPA)
303 - The Secondary Glaucomas (TPG)
304 - Managing the Lid Margin and Lashes In-office Procedures (TPA)


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