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Applications & What to Expect

If you'd like to be a patient of the California Vision Foundation (CVF) your first step is to fill out an application! Applicants are first come, first served so don't wait - get yours in today!


Application Hints:

  • Make sure your application is filled out completely and please print clearly. Your incomplete application will be returned for correction if it is incomplete or illegible . We need this information in order to determine eligibility. 
  • CVF only accepts Cash or Money Order(s) to be mailed in with your application. Personal checks are never accepted.
  • The application fee is $10.00 per person. The fee cannot be waived for any reason.
  • Distance you're willing to travel must be at least 10 miles, based on doctor availability. We will try our best to get closer if we have a doctor available.
  • If you have participated with this program before, you are more than welcome to request that doctor again; however, CVF cannot guarantee you will see that doctor.
  • If the application we receive is not current, it will be mailed back to you with a new application to be filled out. 

IF YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE OR THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH THE APPLICATION, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS VIA USPS MAIL. Note: If there is an issue with the application, you will need to correct the error and return all paperwork to CVF via mail. Once we receive the completed application we will process it and determine the eligibility to participate in our program.

What to expect if you qualify:

Once an individual has qualified for the program, every attempt will be made to match them with a volunteer optometrist in their area. Optometrists are donating their services and are, therefore, limited in some areas. Waiting times depend on the number of available appointments and the amount of qualified applicants in any particular area. 

All applicants who have been matched to an optometrist will receive a letter in the mail containing the name, address, and telephone number of the optometrist who they must call to schedule an appointment. Appointments will not be scheduled for patients who fail to contact the optometrist's office within 60 days of the date on the approval letter and receiving notification of eligibility. If you do not contact your provider in the allotted time, you will be required to re-apply and pay the fee for the program.

  • Extensions cannot be given due the number of applicants.
  • Once you are assigned a doctor that is the ONLY doctor you are approved for. Doctor changes will not be made.

Every attempt is made to assign members of the same family or household to the same doctor, but individuals will be sent to different doctors if it allows them to be seen in a shorter time frame. While up to four people in a household may use just one application to apply for the program, all individuals who qualify for the program will receive their own letter detailing the doctor they have been assigned to.




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