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Society Project of the Year Award Winners

2018 Rio Hondo Optometric Society - School Vision Screening Project
2017 Alameda Contra Costa Counties Optometric Society – Children’s Vision Workshop
2016 Alameda Contra Costa Counties Optometric Society – The Optometry Assistant Program
2015 San Diego County Optometric Society – Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes
2014 Alameda Contra Costa County - Finding the Ideal Employment, Employees, Practice(s), and Exit Plan
2014 San Diego County Optometric Society - Concussion Awareness 
2013 Alameda Contra Costa County - Implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Alameda County. How Does it Affect You?
2013 Santa Clara County Optometric Society - Healthy Living Health Fair
2012 San Mateo County
2011 Alameda Contra Costa County
2010 Santa Clara County
2009 Orange County
2008 Santa Clara County
2007 San Joaquin
2006 Monterey Bay & South Bay
2005 Orange County
2004 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
2003 San Diego County
2002 San Diego County
2001 San Fernando Valley
2000 San Joaquin
1999 San Mateo County
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