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Society of the Year Award Winners

2018 Sacramento Valley Optometric Society
2017 Santa Clara County Optometric Society
2016 Alameda Contra Costa Counties Optometric Society
2015 Sacramento Valley Optometric Society
2014 Los Angeles County Optometric Society 
2013 San Diego County Optometric Society
2012 Santa Clara County
2011 San Diego County
2010 Santa Clara County
2009 Santa Clara County
2008 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
2007 Alameda Contra Costa Counties & San Diego County
2006 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
2005 Santa Clara County
2004 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
2003 Alameda Contra Costa Counties & San Diego County
2002 Santa Clara County
2001 San Diego County
2000 Orange County
1999 San Diego County
1998 San Diego County
1997 San Diego County
1996 San Diego County
1995 San Diego County
1994 Inland Empire
1993 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
1992 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
1991 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
1990 San Diego County
1989 San Diego County & San Mateo County
1988 San Diego County
1987 San Diego County & Rio Hondo
1986 San Diego County
1985 Santa Clara County
1984 Los Angeles County
1983 San Fernando Valley
1982 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
1981 Santa Clara County
1980 Los Angeles County
1979 Orange Belt
1978 San Fernando Valley
1977 San Diego County
1976 Central California
1975 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
1974 Central California
1973 San Diego County
1972 Santa Clara County
1971 Santa Clara County
1970 Los Angeles County
1969 San Diego County Tulare Kings Counties
1968 Santa Clara County
1967 Santa Clara County
1966 Santa Clara County
1965 Long Beach
1964 Alameda Contra Costa Counties
1963 Central California
1962 Los Angeles County
1961 San Diego County
1960 Santa Clara County
1959 San Joaquin
1958 Central California
1957 Santa Clara County

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