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COMAG0716: Early Vision Rehabilitation and Primary Care Optometry – an ideal match (OTHER)

Answer these questions to the best of your ability based on the information in the July/August Online issue of California Optometry magazine: "Early Vision Rehabilitation and Primary Care Optometry – an ideal match," by Stanley Woo, OD, MS, MBA, FAAO.  You must answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly to receive credit. Once you have submitted your test, you will be able to access your transcripts the following Saturday.

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1. Low vision has been described as vision loss not correctable with spectacles, contact lenses, nor surgical intervention. *
2. The Eye Disease Prevalence Research Group estimated the prevalence of intermediate AMD to be ____% of persons over 80 years of age. *
3. Mistakenly, you record a reduced Snellen acuity for measurement of near visual acuity with your low vision patient. If you observe that they read the 20/200 line at 20 cm, what would be the correct notation of their near visual acuity? *
4. A patient with macular degeneration wants to read the newspaper (goal = 0.8M). Entering near acuity with a +2.50 add measures .4/3.2M (continuous text)? *
5. Reading with an acuity reserves of at least 2x should increase reading speed. *
6. Which of the following patients would be classified as legally blind? *
7. Which of the following would be useful for a low vision examination in a primary care setting. *
8. Treatment options for mild visual impairment in a primary care setting would include all of the following EXCEPT: *
9. Which of the following charts enables plotting of reading speed and print size on a logarithmic scale? *
10. For patients with more advanced vision loss referral for advanced vision rehabilitation may be beneficial: *

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